Bounce Back

bounce back worcester county

The award-winning Bounce Back Wellness and Resilience Program is the world's first Positive Education Program. A Kindergarten to Grade 5 program, Bounce Back provides engaging lessons, uses children’s literature, practical resources, and relationship-building teaching strategies to explicitly teach social and emotional learning skills and promote student wellbeing and resilience. Bounce Back is an adaptation of the trauma-focused group counseling intervention. Bounce Back, is a social and emotional learning (SEL) curriculum based on cognitive behavioral therapy components. Use of the curriculum in a classroom setting supports students in understanding and mitigating the effects of stress and traumatic stress, fostering hope, and building skills that promote healing and resilience. There are three levels of the curriculum:

i) K-2 ii) Grade 3-4 iii) Grade 5+. 

Each group has 10 sessions that fit in an approximately 45-60 minute time frame. 

Please contact Jessica Holloway-Hill LCSW-C for more information and referrals.